Thursday, 7 May 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 Episode 12

Samba Teach
The worst was probably Allison then Teyona, Celia and Aminat was the best.
Celia age isn't helped with the hair in my opinion, it makes her look more sophisticated rather than young.
I believe Aminat will win this and because she wins this she does well for this episode and therefore makes the top 3.
Oh my god Allison was so worried and random. Celia did well. Aminat was very confident and relaxed.Teyona looked crazy in her hairstyle! She felt really stiff as well.
Teyona's probably going even though she's done so spectacularly well. Wow Celia won! I think she did do well definitely but I thought Aminat was going to win so she becomes safe this week as such. Teyona does seem to be the weakest this week this moment but it's still amazing to think Teyona may be going when she has been doing so well.
I think Aminat needs to get this right. It's first runner up, second runner up means you came 3rd and Allison beat you!
Why do they have to make everything so theatrical and crazy! I don't think they need all these random stories!
Oh no Teyona has probably gone, what she said! I've got three top photos I can't just reach rock bottom! That's like a bad omen straight off.
Wow so it's going to be Celia, Allison and Aminat in the top 3. I always new Teyona seemed to good to win (all favourites in call outs lose out) but I never thought she'd not make the Top 3. Ooh it maybe Aminat going, Tyra gave a lot of praise to Teyona and Celia. Maybe it's Allison and Aminat in the bottom with Aminat going! This week is much more confusing to predict everyone seemed to do well in the photoshoot but there's still the spoiler of someone breaking down totally, I'm worried it's Aminat.
Wow everyone really did well! I wonder who's going.
Oh no it could be Teyona or Celia again, all that speculation and it comes back to the spoilers.

Allison's done so well for the past 3 weeks they may have just called her the favourite rather than Teyona. Well Teyona still made the Top 3 but she has a breakdown.
It's probably Aminat going home but they have yabbered on a lot about Celia's age much earlier than yabbering on about Renee.

Call Outs

Well well, it's Celia who is going!
Allison looked so sad.
I thought winning the challenge was enough to save her and she seemed like a Top 3 but yeah they did put out the old card very early on.
Wow Teyona has another breakdown! It does seem that Aminat's win could be made possible! I hope Allison wins because she's been doing so well lately but her walk will kill her, I emphasize WILL KILL HER! That's why normally girls with awful walks lose out before the Top 3.

I know Aminat has a bad portfolio and everyone seems to hate her but here's the deal. Most models start off with catwalk, the runway is like the main part of their job it's much easier to get a top model through having a great walk and then fixing her pictures rather than the other way round. ANTM focuses too much on the photos whilst neglecting the runway that's why everyone hates Aminat. If she wins it will spark huge uproar from the ANTM fans and that's why I'd rather she didn't win as I like her. The person who deserves to win is probably Teyona - unless she's been deproving on her catwalk since the last time I saw it I think she's got the best package. ANTM kind of wants to find a Top Model at once, that's not going to happen! Instead you should find a good model to develop with to become a top model. Unless the break down is mad! I don't see Teyona not making the top 2, if she does totally break down then she'll be the Analeigh of this cycle. Even though Analeigh started off badly she became so consistently good in the end she looked to be one of the favourites but then as she totally flunked the commercial she lost out. Remember the fact that Teyona booked all her go sees, the most important thing! You could be a great model but if you don't book anything then YOU LOSE! Allison is a great model but she would probably only book 1 or 2 out of 10 go sees she goes to because she simply cannot walk!

Anyway here's how I look at the photos!
Allison - She has two signature looks now doesn't she! She's developing the head slightly cocked look! Anyway her close up is interesting and I like how she used her body in the wide shot, very interesting.
Aminat - Wide shot her face stands out too much, her body is stunning but her face makes her look like a witch. Close up we can see the nose and mouth emphasized to the nth degree! Her face definitely needs work - she can't cock her head up because then her features would expand! That's a huge no no for her. Her head was ugly but her body was stunning
Celia - Out of the 4 shots this shot looks the most plain, Aminat's was cinematic but Celia's shot just looks like any other to me. She's not doing much with her body and her face is really not great - it looks lost. I think Aminat's shot may have been worse but if I analyse the shots Aminat had a great body but Celia failed in both.
Teyona - I agree with the judges that the body looks awkward but the face is absolutely stunning! I think what most people have forgotten is that Teyona tends to snarl but in this shot it's not there. Out of the 4 girls she looks the most convincing as well, it's a great shot.


It doesn't matter how bad Teyona does next week she is undisputedly the girl with the best call out ratio ever beating McKey and Anya. Even if Teyona falls flat and goes out as 3rd she still beats McKey by 0.01 points (remember McKey won so she has that added benefit) whilst if she comes second she would totally wipe the floor clean. If she wins then we have someone who has such a high call out that I doubt anyone else could compete with it. Either way she'll go down as one of Tyra's favourite girls in the whole history of ANTM.

What really scared me was that I was so close in putting Allison's photo at top this week! It was just something Teyona had that looked so birdlike even though I think Allison had the better all round photo, Teyona's was just more gritty and convincing. But if Allison did make the top she'd be the first girl ever in my call outs to get 3 top shots in a row! Now that is a feat I doubt any girl could emulate! But as she's only got two in a row she ties with a few other girls e.g. Analeigh and Fatima - two girls on the top of my head.
With this order Aminat becomes one of the few girls in ANTM history that I haven't given a top shot despite them appearing in the Top 3, however don't get me wrong she doesn't have an awful call out, she's just never on top!
If Aminat does win and gets called out first by the judges in the Top 3 then she will be able to jump ahead of London, Natalie and Celia in the judges call out but Tahlia, Fo, Allison and Teyona will still be above her regardless.

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