Thursday, 7 May 2009


I'd promised a lot more personal posts in this new blog but as of now I don't think I've delivered in that perspective. After watching The Apprentice I found myself in a mist of an argument, my brother had come back. It was quite a weird stance taken by the two, my brother was sitting on the staircase whilst my dad was preaching to him in the hallway with the lights turned on. Trying to disconnect myself from this tirade I went straight to the computer. I never like it when my brother argues with my dad, I'm sure not many of you do (unless it's in your own sinister ways!) but I just find the arguments rude and unnecessary. I think this argument sparked off from my brother walking home from Mitcham; more than a 14 mile walk and from the times he stated it took him about 10 hours (though he did do other things in between). My dad in my opinion overreacted due to the negativity he had towards my brother in general but I also think he felt ashamed that my brother couldn't go and ask him for help or in fact get a bus! Once the argument starts it just becomes the same thing again, the details of their argument is just the same whether it be for any differing reason. I just find this wholly unnecessary and as a third person I try my best to educate both of them about the others personality. To you it might sound like a petty squabble but trust me, it isn't! It's just the tip of the iceberg to the problems my dad and my brother have with each other - it's obvious they still care for each other but they just can't express it in the right way because they're just way too stubborn.
I think I've gone on a bit but hopefully this will allow you to know more about me as I think it's important for me to have a place where I can write about my emotions so I can reflect on them and I guess have someone to talk to; even if it is just a few.

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