Sunday, 31 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent Semifinal 1

So Diversity won Britain's Got Talent but here's what I had to say about the Semifinals and Finals.

Semifinal 1
Diversity - The performance was good but don't get me wrong it was a little manic and ironically a bit too fast paced for me! It was a good performance but everything felt a bit loose, maybe I'm a bit dumb! But it's my opinion. It was still a strong performance though.

Sue Son - It was a good performance but a lot of things were going against her, firstly the choice of music wasn't the best in my opinion, it doesn't bring to a climax well secondly there was Escala last year and people may just feel like it was the same. Thirdly she had all that scandal, she is talented enough to be in the final but sadly she was in a tough semifinal.

Darth Jackson - Utterly ridiculous, this is what destroys Britain's reputation! How did he get through!

Natalie Okri - It was very amateurish, sad to say. Personally I never found Natalie's voice to be that special, it's cute and quite strong but by no means the most talented in the show. It was a bad choice of song definitely because if she wants to dazzle people she needs to sing big ballads rather than dance tracks.

Julia Naidenko - The look on Simon's face is something I'd never want to see again! Anyway it's a nice show but it doesn't sustain my interest for long enough. It's definitely a talent but there are different types of talents and Julia's talent isn't something right for this show (especially since I see very few teenage girls voting for this and I believe they are one of the bigger demographics voting wise).

Faces of Disco - This is actually quite funny, I never knew I'd succumb to something like this. It's perfect for showbiz but it's not a talent. But it's definitely watchable.

Nick Hell - Ok here's the deal, it was disturbing! The problem with it was is that daredevil acts should stun the audience, basically make us question how they did it, but his doesn't, it just makes us look away because it's not death defying but just disturbing, no talent in it at all.

Susan Boyle - I actually didn't love it, it was a good performance but not enough to dazzle me on the spot. She'll go through most obviously but if she wants to keep my attention she needs to perform something absolutely magnificent, her audition was close to fantastic but this performance was only close to great, it was a very good performance but she just missed the spot for me. But she's definitely got it all going for her, in times like these we need something to dream about and Susan Boyle confirms that anyone could do it and everyone has something in them, however on the technical side this performance wasn't enough to satisfy me as it was kind of shaky at points. I don't think she'll win to be honest but I know she'll do well.

Scores (Performance/Talent/Likability)
Diversity (8.5/9/9) = 26.5
Sue Son (8/9/8.5) = 25.5
Darth Jackson (3/1/2) = 6
Natalie Okri (7.5/8.5/9) = 25
Julia Naidenko (8/8/8.5) = 24.5
Faces of Disco (8.5/7.5/9) = 25
Nick Hell (3/2/1) = 6
Susan Boyle (8/9/9) = 26

Performance = Graded on how entertaining and watchable
Talent = Graded on the contestants actual or potential talent
Likeability = Self Explanatory

The best performances I think were Diversity and Faces of Disco. The most talented are Diversity, Sue Son and Susan Boyle. I also added the likability factor as it's important to be liked by the audience if you want to win.
Therefore ranks are...
1st - Diversity
2nd - Susan Boyle
3rd - Sue Son
4th - Faces of Disco
5th - Natalie Okri
6th - Julia Naidenko
7th - Nick Hell
8th - Darth Jackson

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