Sunday, 31 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent Semifinal 2

DJ Talent - Absolutely stupid! This is something you can watch once (well actually I couldn't stand it the first time!) but more than once you see how ridiculous it is!

Merlin Cadogan - As I didn't see all the auditions this was actually one I've never seen or heard of. I know this sounds evil but I wonder what happens if he couldn't escape? It was definitely a tough thing to do but, yet again I may sound evil, it didn't really excite me as much as it should have. Simon was hysterical!

Jamie Pugh - Another guy which I thought was slightly overrated, I guess this performance really did slam him (typing whilst I haven't seen it yet) because he was like a favorite to topple Susan Boyle. Well now that I've seen it I understand! It wasn't awful but it was not something you'd expect to see on a talent show because it's below mediocre! I guess I feel sorry for him because something went absolutely wrong for him, maybe it's nerves. But I can't make myself give him a bad score!

Shaun Smith - It was a strong performance, sometimes he went way too mellow though. It was a nice performance and I'd definitely like to see more of him. Wow he's 17, I feel so bad because I'm 17, he really looks older, like 21 or something.

Gareth Oliver - It was amusing and he's a good entertainer and wow he can sing without moving his lips! I actually find it amazing! If only he didn't grit his teeth as much maybe I'd be absolutely mesmerized. Simon was very very harsh and for once I totally disagreed with him. Amazingly I think he's actually my favorite act as of now!

Hot Honeyz - It was Ok/good. I would be more impressed if they actually sang along! But I know how difficult that would be. But there is a degree of difficulty to dancing in high heels and doing those type of moves but it just didn't appeal to me that much.

Peter Coghlan - Oh I'm getting a bucket ready! I wonder what Beyonce would say to that! If I was her I'd faint! I give him the hands up for his confidence, but I guess every drag queen has confidence.

Flawless - I liked it but I'm definitely more of a singing guy however I have found that I've given dance groups higher scores as of now! Maybe I'm more critical on singing. Anyway I liked Flawless. I think Flawless are probably better dancers than Diversity but Diversity are more likeable because of the little kids- I just melt (they also have more likable choreography)! But Flawless seems much neater and put together whilst Diversity are more likable in my opinion

DJ Talent (1/1/5) = 7
Merlin Cadogan (7.5/9/8.5) = 25
Jamie Pugh (7/8/8.5) = 24
Shaun Smith (8/9/9) = 26
Gareth Oliver (8.5/9/9) = 26.5
Hot Honeyz (8/8.5/8) = 24.5
Peter Coghlan (3/3/7.5) = 13.5
Flawless (8.5/9/8.5) = 26

Best Performance were Flawless and Gareth Oliver whilst Merlin, Shaun, Gareth and Flawless are all on par for talent I believe.

1st - Gareth Oliver (disappointed that he didn't make it through but I expected it)
2nd - Flawless
3rd - Shaun Smith
4th - Merlin Cadogan
5th - Hot Honeyz
6th - Jamie Pugh
7th - Peter Coghlan
8th - DJ Talent

I'd probably give Jamie a lower score but I just couldn't make myself do it, but he was about 6th on the night I guess.

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