Thursday, 7 May 2009

Britain's Next Top Model

Like for AusNTM I'm not going to post a hell lot about this, I've seen two episodes but three photo shoots, didn't see episode 3 because I got bored of watching so many model shows at once! Anyway I found that BNTM doesn't focus much on the girls! I found that I rarely knew who each of them were by the end of Episode 2! But now I do know them after seeing their photos (with their names beside them!) I was quite shocked when they had the nude photoshoot as that would never happen in ANTM, the Americans just seem more sensitive to those things, but on the other hand it does make the show more authentic.
Anyway after looking at 3 shoots my favourites (photo wise) are; Mecia, Hayley, Jade, Madeline and Kasey. Girls at the bottom of my call out chart are Sophie, Ashley, Lauren and Chloe.
I will post the photos of BNTM as I can find the images in high quality without boxes covering them! But I won't post the shoot from episode 2 as I don't want to offend anyone - even though it doesn't offend me.

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