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Make Me A Supermodel Season 2 Episode 11

I'm a bit late on this but it's because my computer was down for a while, so here goes...

To me Make Me A Supermodel Season 1 and Season 2 seem to be completely different shows to me they just don't seem to be from the same idea.
Yes Jonathan is back to blond! I'm so pleased! Finally he's back on track for the final (as I think the judges love Sandhurst enough to force a win on him).

That photographer is crazy! But I have to say he knows what he wants and that's cool.

OK here's my opinion on the group
Mountaha - She walks fantastically and sometimes she lands a fantastic shot, I do like her, but her downsides are; she doesn't look like a model in person, she just looks tired all the time, she can totally flunk photoshoots and she has somewhat of a rotten personality - too much ego in that package!

Salome - She is a little big for the usual but that shouldn't stop her. Yes she's beautiful but I don't really see the model in her. I think her photos have been OK but her walk is average at best.

Jonathan - I wish he was a little taller because he looks minuscule compared to Sandhurst and Branden! However out of the 5 I think Jonathan looks most like a model, he has that certain quality in him I think. His photos have been strong and I think the judges were wrong in saying he plays it safe. He does need to improve on his walk but it's not awful.

Branden - His face is too one tone and I'm beginning to get bored of his walk. He's a nice guy though, as a person I really like him (after his brush up with his ego), but as a model I think he's got a mountain to climb.

Sandhurst - His walk is strong and I don't find his build to be too wrong for modeling. However I see him doing more commercial things (even though his walk is strong). He feels more TV ready than model ready - e.g. the models on TV shows that are good but are only good on TV not as an actual model.

Who should win? Jonathan by far but who would be the darling of the series? Sandhurst, he is TV ready!

Well well Salome won the challenge again! She photographs nicely but I don't think she deserved to win all of her wins, interesting though because Salome is doing so well in actual photoshoots. Ok Salome's cluelessness does rub me in the wrong way sometimes!
Neither girl looked Rosa Cha at all! Neither girl is swimwear anyway, Mountaha is way too edgy for swimwear whilst Salome doesn't have the body for swimwear - it's a fact. Remember I'm not saying she's fat she's just not right for the job.

OK Branden really can't be a spokesperson! If I had a store he would be the last person I'd hire! Ooh this is a bad week for Sandhurst! Well the judges will save him no matter what so it really doesn't matter.

I think Branden's the one to go sadly because he's still a child.

Branden looked absolutely horrified when one of the blonds (or whatever they were called) was in fact a guy wearing a dress. lol

First Walk

Branden - It was good and I liked how he portrayed his character. Maybe a bit too much sway in the arms but for once it worked with the getup rather than looking like frankenstein.
Salome - She looked a bit crazy in the eyes and the walk was awful at the start, it got slightly better.
Sandhurst - for the first time I think since the show began I didn't like Sandhurst's walk. It was just dreary. The getup was awful as well.
Mountaha - Though her walk felt a bit pageant meets goth chick I did think it was quite good!
Jonathan - His cool and relaxed posture made the whole getup believable. He still does have a little too much tension but it's getting there slowly.

Second Walk
Branden - The whole thing looked ridiculous to me but he did his best with the walk.
Salome - Yet again bad walk.
Sanhurst - on a side note, is Sandhurst a Hilary Clinton supporter? It's just that he said something about Hilary Clinton. Anyway his walk was better but it still felt a bit mediocre for Sandhurst's standards.
Jonathan - His stiff arms are still way too evident but he looked great in the whole getup.
Mountaha - This walk was strong but I still found her face to be a bit weird.


ooh it's probably Salome going.
Wow for once Nicole was backing her girls!
This episode is perfect as they begin to break down strongholds like Sandhurst and everyone else they kind of levee on the same level whilst Salome on a slight backhand.

I don't understand, why isn't Tyson or Nicole on the judging panel? Do they have such a big budget to afford all of them!

Yet again 1 girl and an entourage of guys it's interesting as now the editting has made the whole show a level playing field, I actually don't know who will go! But my instinct (and wishful thinking) tells me it's Branden.

Photo time!
Branden - It's quite gritty for a swimsuit shot, I do like the masculinity but his body needs work if he wants to be a swimsuit model and he always gives that same snarl and menace in the eyes.
Jonathan - I like the shot, it's not his best I believe from looking at his film in the episode but I think it's a nice shot which shows understated strength in his body.
Sandhurst - I think the shots Ok, but it kind of makes me think of Baywatch gone 180 degrees! His face isn't great but his body is cool.
Salome - I think the proportions look wrong here, she looks beautiful and the shot is good but her legs look awfully short in my opinion.
Mountaha - I think this photo is good but her waist looks larger than it should be in this shot.


Ok so overall the rankings for this week!

Jonathan - He did well in both the runway and the shoot and I know he had a better shot.
Mountaha - She did well in both the shoot and the walk but was pipped to the post by Jonathan.
Branden - Though I put his shot last he didn't do awfully and his runway was stylish, if only he did better on the shot.
Salome - Though she took an amazing photo her walk was dreadful!
Sandhurst - Once I tallied the scores Sandhurst came in at dead bottom, he didn't do awfully in any segment but he didn't do well either. This week was just very mediocre for him.

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