Thursday, 7 May 2009

BNTM Episode 1 Photos

From L to R: Mecia, Annaliese, Jade, Viola, Daisy
Favourite photo by far, Viola and Mecia are the best here for me. Annaliese and Jade also do well in my opinion.

From L to R: Lauren, Ashley, Kacey, Nell, Lisa Ann
The weakest out of the 3 I believe. Lauren does Ok, Lisa Ann does average. Didn't agree with the judges, I thought Kacey looked average. Nell and Ashley were the weakest here and on the whole.

Chloe, Rebecca, Hayley, Madeleine, Sophie
I actually think everyone besides Sophie did well. Chloe and Hayley did the best with Madeleine coming close. Rebecca was Ok whilst Sophie just isn't photogenic to me.

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