Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Roland Garros soon

It feels like a long time since the Australian Open occurred, though I feel that this year has gone quickly tennis is probably the only things which seems to have gone slowly for me. Can't really talk much about this as my computer is playing games with me, which finally made me buy Kaspersky's or whatever it's called, got it for a tennar so thought it was a bargain - dunno. Well I was originally going to buy BitDefender but it seems like only the critics rave about it whilst the population don't. Anyway why am I rambling on about Antivirus software!
I believe Roland Garros is wide open for Dinara to take. There are very few who could make an impact on the womens tour on Roland Garros with many experienced players playing their weakest on clay and a number of youngsters who are by no means ready to take that coveted spot. Jelena Jankovic and Svetlana Kuznetsova could challenge for the title but I believe Dinara's got it in the bag. As for the men's I don't really need to say do I!

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