Sunday, 31 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent Semifinal 5

The Dreambears - This is the type of act I'd rather not see twice! I'm just not a huge fan as it's kinda cheap and cheesy. Very little skill involved and it wasn't particularly funny.

Good Evans - No to be honest it's just not good, it's hard to say that to those cute little girls but sadly it was just very below average. There's no point giving them awfully low scores, as long as I place them about right on talent it's fine.

Luke Clements - It's not extremely entertaining, it's street entertainment which we've all seen before.

Mark Matcham - Haven't been impressed yet and this probably won't do it any favours. I was by no means interested, in fact I was absolutely bored, what's so talented about that? I'll give him a somewhat decent score for his guitar playing.

Aidan Davis - It wasn't the most eye catching performance but it was a great performance to watch. The staging was great and the whole thing was simple but effective, but in the finals he'll need to step up his game to bring something more eye catching. It was such a sincere performance but yet again he needs to break into something dazzling for the final.

Hollie Steel - Did she get a second chance? Only watching youtube videos so I don't know. It was a very shaky performance and it was much less endearing than what I'd hoped it to be. Her voice is good for her age but she still has a long way to go. I've seen the first part of it and it's definitely very commendable but sadly I found her vocals to be weaker than her semifinal auditions. Honestly all those people who are attacking her just stop it. Yeah she didn't act professionally and yeah she put on the fake tears but come on why focus on those things, it'll be a good learning experience for her.

DCD Seniors - It looked a bit messy, it'll probably be a good backing performance but sadly I don't think it's good enough to be a stand alone act, they definitely could improve on the performance though. I think they can be better.

Greg Pritchard - It was an absolutely awful song choice! It was just extremely messy and I really didn't understand what the whole performance was about. It was absolutely weird but not extraodrinary. He has the talent but this performance was awful. As Simon said, I felt like I was in a horror movie at times, he could have made it big but this performance was a bummer.

The Dreambears (7/6.5/8.5) = 22
Good Evans (7/7/8.5) = 22.5
Luke Clements (7/8/8) = 23
Mark Matcham (6.5/7.5/7.5) = 21.5
Aidan Davis (8.5/9/9) = 26.5
Hollie Steel (8/8.5/9) = 25.5
DCD Seniors (8/8/8.5) = 24.5
Greg Pritchard (6/9/8.5) = 23.5

Best performance, very easy to say, Aidan Davis. Most talented, Aidan Davis and Greg Pritchard.

1st - Aidan Davis
2nd - Hollie Steel
3rd - DCD Seniors
4th - Greg Pritchard
5th - Luke Clements
6th - Good Evans
7th - The Dreambears
8th - Mark Matcham

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