Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Eurovision 2009 First Semifinal

Ok I've just finished watching the first semifinal and my two main impressions were
1) It went by quite quickly actually
2) It was somewhat underwhelming

I was quite amazed that nothing really made me jump up and go crazy as I have stated before that this Eurovision is possibly one of the best in recent years. Well maybe that's an overstatement but I'll stick to my guns that this Eurovision has the least stupidity out of the last 5 or 6 years.

The best entry for me was Finland, it wasn't amazing but I really felt the beat. Sweden still stayed near the top even though I found her vocals to be inconsistent and in actual fact it didn't blow me away. I still love Armenia's Jan Jan and I was so happy when they got through. I must say Jan Jan lost some of its addictive beat but it was still good.

I also liked Bosnia and Herzegovina's entry whilst Turkey did land in my Top 10, I still don't like the song but the performance was enough to land them in the top 10. Portugal, Iceland and Israel also landed in my top 10. Whilst Andorra and Switzerland were the two that were in my Top 10 but didn't make the cut. But I'm happy that I got 8/10. Anyway Romania and Malta were the remaining two. Romania was just closely cut for me whilst I found Chiara (Malta's songstress) to be pitchy and it hurt my ears. Switzerland had a good song but their lead vocal was kind of bad!

Other notes; I was amazed that Montenegro didn't get through, it wasn't in my Top 10 but I thought Europe would like it. Nothing really popped out to me but my favourite 3 were Finland, Sweden and Armenia. However if either of the 3 want to win then...
Finland - the male vocals need to improve
Sweden - Malena needs to be more consistent, especially the lower notes
Armenia - More movement in their choreography, it needs to be more upbeat.

Other things not related to music: They absolutely butchered Ksenia Sukhinova. The covergirl just didn't look like her when she was in Miss World, she looks the best with long luscious blonde hair. Also I felt so sorry for Natasha Vodianova she was being molested by the male presenter! There are also a lot of girls going into the final! 4 girls already from the Big 5, then 9 out of 10 from the first semifinal.

Overall tonight was Ok, my favourites failed to wow me but still managed to place above all the rest, lets just hope Svetlana, Alexander and Sasha will amaze me in the second semifinal.

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