Sunday, 31 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent Final

For the finals there's no point in giving a score, I'm just going to rank the performances.

Flawless - The performance was good. At first I thought it would be a bit too gimmicky but it was actually really good, really clean cut and dynamic, but I thought it could be somewhat forgettable.

Shaheen Jafargholi - Shaheen's voice just amazes me, I'd say he is the best singer in this competition. He controlled those notes so well, however sometimes when I watch him it feels like he's trying to imitate somebody, just can't put a name to it. However the performance was fantastic considered his age, he just needs to brush up on his technique a bit and he can be a huge hit. At the moment I'm amazed he didn't even make the Top 3.

Aidan Davis - It was a nice performance but using the same stage effects is a no no I'd say. It was cool but it doesn't sustain my interest long enough, he has the disadvantage of being the next street dancer after George Sampson, there's obviously going to be comparisons made and at the moment his performances haven't been as interesting.

Susan Boyle - Personally I never thought Susan was going to win, there was just a nigging feeling that she wouldn't actually win. Anyway back to the performance, it was actually her most vocally accurate performance but I felt it was less emotional and touching compared to her auditions. She did her best considering she wanted to quit beforehand.

Diversity - I feel totally shocked by all the nasty comments I've heard about them winning over Susan. Stop with all the bitching. Ok back to the performance, I actually didn't feel that connected to it. It was a good performance and I praise them for doing something absolutely different but I just didn't find it as good as their other performances.

2 Grand - The girl was really great, her grandfather was average tonight but the girl was the best she has been. It was really heartwarming but sadly it wasn't dazzling enough.

Hollie Steel - It was her best performance I'd say, there were still a few glitches but she performed very strongly and she should be absolutely proud of herself, all the people who've attacked her I wish just stop, that's like the only thing I hate about talent shows; that people talk badly about people that they don't actually know.

Stavros Flatley - Sadly the more I see them the less I like them, I actually didn't really like this performance, it was OK but sadly I still found their auditions their best. They're absolutely loveable so I can't say anything bad about them!

Shaun Smith - It was a good performance and very nice but it just didn't feel like a winning performance, it just didn't have the impact as some performances have, but he's still a good performer and I hope he does well for himself in the future.

Julian Smith - I'm just wondering, did he play this in his audition and semifinals as well? Ok don't ridicule me for saying something like this but if he only knows how to play one tune I'm sorry he won't be able to make it! He plays the saxophone really well but if he doesn't show a bit more range then I really can't say he's the most talented as I'm sure someone who stuck to pklaying one piece for a long time can get to a decent standard. If he didn't play the the same tune he would be near the top as he played this piece the best he's played it.

Shaheen Jafargholi
Susan Boyle
Hollie Steel
Shaun Smith
Julian Smith
2 Grand
Aidan Davis
Stavros Flatley

This is a very rough rank of the night I think, all I know is my favourite was Shaheen Jafargholi. Susan, Hollie, Diversity and Shaun can all switch positions. Flawless, Julian Smith, 2 Grand and Aidan Davis were about right in their place whilst Stavros Flatley could have been a bit higher, I don't know.

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