Sunday, 31 May 2009

Make Me A Supermodel Season 2 Episode 12

I realized I hadn't written anything about this so here is my commentary of the episode.

I never realised the Top 4 were so diverse, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Brazil and of course Branden the American.

Quote Sandhurst: "Let the white guys die first!... I watch horror movies, the black man always dies first!"

I'm sad that Jonathan didn't do something mad because I bet the judges are going to say - you should have broken out and gone crazy!

Why didn't anyone jump?
Why do they always style Sandhurst weirdly?

Sadly I think Branden should go as his photos aren't strong enough and one good runway last week doesn't make a good model. Sadly unlike last year I doubt any of them would be good informal models. Sandhurst stated so before, Branden; have you seen him! Mountaha is Ok but I think Jonathan is probably going to be the best.

Sandhurst - He looked quite stiff
Branden - I thought his walk was convincing
Mountaha - She's still to edgy, needs to soften up
Jonathan - I still have a thing with the arms but he did the best.

Branden's face is soooo animated, did anyone see him react to Catherine's comments.

When Catherine said "I thought he looked so chic" I thought she said "I thought he looked so shit!"

It's obvious the bottom two would be Mountaha and Branden, but I was so shocked Mountaha went, Catherine probably said "If she(e) doosn't goe Aer will quit(e) this show!"

Sandhurst - It's definitely rock and roll but you must agree it's slightly disturbing! His eyes are mad!
Jonathan - He looked strong but sadly not strong enough. For some reason his legs look really short in this photo.
Branden - It;s a very bad shot.
Mountaha - It's Ok, not good not bad.

Based on the emotion I will have to rank the photos as...

But personally I thought Sandhurst's photo was way too extreme in the eyes.


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