Thursday, 7 May 2009

Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 5

I never really had a strong enough interest for me to watch AusNTM or BNTM but for some reason I watched it last night. Anyway I don't want to make long posts on either as I'll find little time to that so here's a brief impression of the first two episodes of AusNTM.

Personally I like the freshness AusNTM has to ANTM as ANTM can get too dramatic and verge away from actual modeling. However I like Mr. Jay more than Jonathan - and what's a bogan? I did feel that watching the episodes that the girls were in general more backstabbing bitchy! In ANTM it's all about direct confrontation but in AusNTM it's all about the backstabbing and one girl isolated by group atmosphere.
The girls also swear much more, I never knew the Aussies were a swearing nation! But I do understand that Americans are more sensitive to swear words.
But one thing I did find in common was that a lot of the girls had no knowledge of the industry at all! (unlike their British counterparts).

Personally I don't really like the judging panel and to be honest I think I like ANTM more at the moment, I also got really aggravated when the judges said Adele only has one look, well you've only seen one photo!
Oh and what's a limo in Australia? As a limo in England doesn't seem to be a limo in Australia.

Anyway after two episodes the girl with the best call out for me is Laura M (it's not just because she's half Chinese!) Tahnee, Clare and Madison are next whilst Mikarla, Eloise, Lola and Georgie have the lowest call outs for me out of girls still in the running.

I won't be posting images of the shots as I simply can't find good ones. The official AusNTM site has high quality photos but there's an annoying box covering 1/4 of the photo! All-AusNTM have lower quality and smaller images.

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