Sunday, 31 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent Semifinal 3

Harmony - It felt like a mess to be honest! The singing was annoying as well! I didn't understand it, what was the act?

Shaheen Jafargholi - Oh my god! He has a great voice and his notes are spot on. His technique could be improved but I personally found this performance better than Susan Boyle's considering Shaheen is 12. However I thought the staging was average.

Stavros Flatley - I remember the audition and I think what made it so cute was his son, if it was only the guy it may have lost the attraction but with the little kid it's just perfect. Personally though I found this performance to be less likable than their first audition, it was still good but it gets through because of it's likability rather than the talent I'd say. I would give them a higher score but sadly my judging criteria can't put them any higher and personally I felt this performance was weaker than their auditions.

MD Showgroup - I liked it but it just lacked something that would really push it through. The performance is difficult to judge on as I'm split on whether giving them 8 or 8.5.

The Barrow Boys - It's a bit random! I commend their strength and control over the barrows but it's just a weird talent and where did they discover this! They must have been really bored when they found this talent of theirs!

Kay Oresanya - It doesn't sound like a saxophone! It just sounds awful! Ok I commend him for making me laugh for the longest time, it was utterly horrendous and disturbing! It really doesn't sound like a saxophone it sounds like a baby squealing! Sorry it's just mad! I totally agree with Amanda, it's bloody terrible but I loved it! It was so funny! I commend him for making me laugh that's why I gave him 8.5 for the performance.

Floral Highnotes - The opera was OK but the flower arranging was random! It's just absolutely absurd! Actually the opera began to get on my nerves.

Ben and Becky - They are talented dancers but I'm afraid they're probably not talented enough I don't know because I think the performance could have been better, they're still great dancers but I think the performance could have been improved.

Best performances from Shaheen and Kay! The most talented are Shaheen and MD Showgroup.

Harmony (7.5/7.5/8.5) = 23.5
Shaheen Jafargholi (8.5/9/9) = 26.5
MD Showgroup (8/9/8.5) = 25.5
The Barrow Boys (7/7.5/8.5) = 23
Kay Oresanya (8.5/7/9) = 24.5
Floral Highnotes (7/8.5/8) = 23
Ben and Becky (8/8.5/8.5) = 25
Stavros Flatley (8/8/9) = 25

So the rankings for this final
1st: Shaheen Jafargholi (currently he's my favourite)
2nd: MD Showgroup
3rd: Stavros Flatley
4th: Ben and Becky
5th: Kay Oresanya
6th: Harmony
7th: The Barrow Boys
8th: Floral Highnotes

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