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Eurovision 2009 Final!

Ok so everyone knows it was Alex who won the night by the biggest points difference in Eurovision history - 169 I think, don't remember exactly but I thought I should do the show justice by going through the night.

First and foremost... was Dima lip-synching? It just looked like it to me. Anyway moving on...

I still love this songs chorus as it's very touching but he sounded quite lonely up there, the song needed a lift as his voice wasn't able to carry it well. Sadly Sasha only managed 23 points in the end, it still amazes me how Wikipedia manages to update all the scores in about 5 minutes. It deserved more points than 23 but I knew from the start that the bad placement on the show (first up) was not going to help them at all.

It sounded different! It sounded more up beat, I have to say it was probably their weakest performance! But it's still a nice song. It managed a respectable 53 points but I guess Boaz did score better last year. But it was a strong field so they should be happy with 16th.

I have to say this was my favourite of the night! I knew it wasn't going to win but I stuck by it because Patricia Kaas is an excellent vocalist and she sung the song so sensually, I'm thoroughly pleased with her 8th place finish but of course if it was me I'll put her in the top 5! But beggars can't be chosers, like Britain France didn't make it into the Top 10 from 2003-2008. Patricia can go home pleased as I expect she knew she wasn't going to win as that type of song isn't what Eurovision is about. A 12 would have been nice though - bad Belgium!

Sadly I still think her low notes were not to scratch, she definitely sounds more confident on the higher notes I guess the audience felt the same way as she only scored 33 placing her at 21st. I knew it was going to be tough for Malena to break in as I thought Charlotte Perrelli was a good bet for the top half of the table but she only placed 18th. The song is still good but sadly Malena didn't make it her own.

I still believe he gets way too much stick, he isn't that bad it's just his song that's boring. However he did sound a bit breathless, I did however find the backing dancers to be quite eyecatching! Anyway I think they can go home proud! They were considered total outsiders but they managed to break into the Top 20 with 45 points placing 18th, though I must say it does baffle me to how they managed that!

It was a sweet performance and totally underrated. I didn't love the song though but her vocals were nice. She managed 15th with 57 points, an expected and somewhat decent showing I'd say.

Ok, before I get onto what I felt about Iceland let me write down my notes whilst watching the show. Did anyone think the stage looked like a Dreamworks production? As a ballad lover I should be jumping up and down but I still don't love it. The key change was awkward and the build up is lacking, she did sing it quite well though. But here is what I'm baffled by she managed to place 2nd with 218 points. I just really didn't think the song was all that, I love Yohanna but not the song, I'd personally place her about 10th or so. It's quite interesting though to think that if Iceland didn't sing a ballad would the UK have become 2nd?

I think he definitely improved on his singing since the semis BUT I still don't like the song and I think the dance moves were weird. I also disliked one of the backing singers; her voice sticks out in my ear so so much. But to my relief they didn't make it anywhere in the Top 5! They managed a respectable 7th with 120 points but I think that kind of score is enough to get Sakis shot in Greece! For Sakis and for Greece I don't think 120 points is enough! That's there lowest scoring since 2003! I think Sakis must be heart broken but I revel in that pain! Though he still managed to make the Top 10 I think Europe finally saw how gimmicky the whole thing was.

I think they were decent and it really brought some of eastern Europe to the contest (if it wasn't filled with it already!) But I miss the movement that was seen in the MV, it was much more active but I still liked it. My dad hated it though! He said they looked like witches and they should go home! Well they got into the Top 10 with 92 points! hah eat your face! (but on a sidenote it is there worst placing!)

She tried to be too sensible, it just looked a bit stiff and she looked on the verge of tears. But the emotion was still good but maybe a bit too screachy.
She managed to place 11th with 91

The beginning still reminds me of some Sean Paul track, but it's definitely quite catchy and growing on me. It doesn't sound like a winner as the verses don't click with me. What it does have is energy which is lacking in a few entries. It managed 3rd with 207 which was better than what I'd expected actually. But honestly two years in a row Azerbaijan have given Turkey 12 and vice versa. Same with Ukraine where they have given them 10 points and them also. Block voting at its best (Note: Azerbaijan have only competed for two years).

Bosnia & Herzegovina
By this point I was very happy that the whole show was generally decent, unlike last year where there were lunatics and pirates running about. I still like it but there's something missing to make this a hit. But at least they managed to place 9th above Laka! I hated Laka!

Yet again I think they get too much stick. It's energetic and it makes you smile. It is at times kind of crazy but it works for me. It's definitely not my favourite though, my dad on the other hand saids it's crap! He said if it wins it would a miracle as Graham Norton said! In fact I second that! But she did manage to score 68 points and place 14th!

She's also improved by massive amounts since the semis but I still think the song is totally boring and the scores reflected that, 31 points placing 22nd. Chiara must be in tears how many times have I heard "3rd first time, 2nd second time, could it be this time!" No dear it's No.1 minus 21 places! Malta thought they could revive some of there glory with Chiara, well well!

It's a very nice track and it works in any setting, the girls are also gorgeous! Probably the prettiest of the night. My dad hates it though! He said it would lull him to sleep! Basically if it's not Chinese and not fast paced or loud (e.g. high notes) and not something from the 60's/70's he would absolutely hate it.
Anyway it's great they made 6th with 129 points. They definitely did Estonia proud though, they haven't managed to qualify since 2003 (when I don't think there were semi finals)

Well, 5 seconds in and my dad said he was quite good - he changes moods in a heartbeat! In fact I agrre with him, I do like it! Something with a beat you can tap to and nice vocals is enough for me to jump up and praise it! His voice sounds a bit raw though. But I'm amazed my dad is a Boyzone fan, come on Brinck is basically Ronan! He did Ok placing 13th with 74 points It's about the place I'd expect him to be.

It's quite energetic and I love Oscars singing and the stage, the song is average though. Shame on Graham Norton for calling it pants! My dad actually liked it, he thought it was American! erm! yeah....
Well Oscar only managed 35 points placing 20th, I guess nobody knew who Dita was! I did however expect Germany to place about here as you can't expect all of Western Europe to get near the top!

I still find it massively overrated and what was up with there being 3 backing dancers and 1 guy wearing normal clothes! I like it more than before but I still don't love it. They managed 4th with 177 points.

What's up with the backing dancers! The performance was not awful but it doesn't hit any marks with me everything just lacked something to make it OK. They're just here for the party! Totally amazed they made 17th with 48 points.

Do I need to say anything! The biggest score in Eurovision history 387, the biggest win 169 points between 1st and 2nd. The most 12's with 16. Everyone loved it, besides my DAD! He said it was plain and nothing to jump around about. Well he was shut up when Alexander won with 387! He deserved to win and you could just here that song as the winning song. Norway must be really happy 2008 they took 5th and now they won, covering all the bottom placements they've had! But tbh I wouldn't have placed such a landslide win on them.

I still love it, it's got a great beat and Svetlana's "singing" (more like grunts) add perfectly to this "song". It's just DIVA! The guys in the roman costumes were a bit weird though. It;s a shame they only made 12th with 76 points because I'd listen to this any day over Shady Lady by Ani Lorak.

I like this a bit more but I haven't really disliked anything this year, which is weird for Eurovision. But this performance was just lost in all of them which reflected in there scores 40 at 19th.

Oh my dad annoys me, I regret watching Eurovision with him! He's never heard of this song so he asked "Why didn't Alexandra Burke perform!" I was like shut up! But Jade sang well but I still don't love the song, I really expected a bit more from Andrew Lloyd Webber but I think we deserve to place in the Top 10 and we did, Top 5 in fact and at one point 2nd! It was such a shame seeing Norway's votes as they placed Turkey above us which meant we came 5th rather than 4th. Well Jade did well and I'd listen to It's My Time anyday over Is It True (Iceland's entry).

I love this song, I still dislike the male vocalist though, but it's still one of my favourites. I'm beginning to dislike Graham!
But I was in shock when Finland placed bottom! WHAT! Come on! How did that happen! And there were Croatia, Albania and Romania who could have filled that spot! All of Scandinavia were really strong this year but it didn't really convert to good placements. I feel cheated that Waldo's People came in last. From what I've read I've rarely heard anyone who disliked it. They should have totally made the Top 10.

I like the Latin flavour but it just doesn't cut it with me. Everything is Ok nothing wows me.
I was in shock that Spain was the last country to score and came out 24th with 23 points. But the shock was because Spain were considered quite strong contestants (though I never believed so) and closing the show should have done them some good. What is even more shocking is that they lost to last years rubbish!

So we still have a lot of Western European countries in the bottom spots, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Germany but we also have a good few near the top Norway, Iceland, UK, France. But yeah I was shocked that Finland placed bottom and I definitely thought Germany, Sweden and Lithuania deserved better.

Wikipedia have now got the semifinal scores. What utterly shocks me is that Sweden placed 4th in their semifinals but absolutely bombed in the finals. Well she did sound better in the semis, though not great on either occasion. But for Malta she placed 6th on her semis but bombed also when I thought her finals performance was much better than her semis. What does shock me is that FInland was actually at 12th out of 18th! They were the juries vote. I knew Europe didn't like dance tracks (ala Iceland last year) but I was lead to believe they'd do well seeing the praise from netizens.

Denmark placing only 8th in their semis was also shocking and Croatia were actually 13th! I think the jury should have brought back Ireland. But what makes my day is that Czech Republic scored 0! Europe isn't delusional after all.

So my Dad's favourites were...
Iceland - I think he likes Yohanna more than the song though, I second that.
Germany - He said it feels American. ???
Denmark - Don't remember why he liked this but he did.
Greece - He found his dance moves good! hmmm!
He also liked Israel from the recap but I thought he said he hated it! Oh well that's my dad!
However he hated Armenia, Moldova and Estonia - well look where they came.

My favourites...
France - Underrated brilliance
Norway - Who couldn't
Ukraine - DIVA
Finland - Love it more now that it came last
Armenia - Jan Jan!
UK - Have to be patriotic

Worst of the night for me was Croatia and Albania.

As a closing note I have to congratulate Jade, she really did us proud. And what do I hear from the news right after...
Jade Singing: It's my Time, It's My time...
News Reporter: Well it's not!

Talk about being patriotic! She gets in the Top 5 and we're still moaning! Hate the British attidude - come on we came Top out of the Big 5 who always place bottom! But honestly who is going to fill Jade's shoes! Now that we're back in at the top it would be awful to drop down again! I wish we sent something current but still Eurovision. I wonder what would happen if we sent Leona Lewis! It would never happen but worth a thought! lol

Oh nearly forgot, does anyone think that some countries should have less of an impact on voting, considering some countries probably send thousands of votes whilst some send in millions. It just hit me how unfair it could be if a bunch of small countries votes for one song which won but in may have actually got less votes in total. Well I guess this is still the best way to score.

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