Sunday, 31 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent Semifinal 4

Jackie Prescott and Tippy Toes - It was quite cute but sadly there just wasn't enough tricky moves, I understand it's difficult to have such a good relationship with your dog but the thing is it wasn't something particularly spectacular to watch and we've definitely seen better dog acts.

Sugar Free - It was a nice dance act but I don't know, something is missing but it's still a good act. Yeah I think Simon hit the spot! It doesn't feel connected to the dancers.

Callum Francis - His vocals could have been improved, and that's one of the big segments. Personally I don't really like it! I didn't find it that charismatic a performance nor was his singing good. Callum is likeable but sadly I'm not a fan. His smile is crazy!

Fred Bowers - I totally commend him and how much he has probably worked to do something like this but as a performance I'm not a fan! As I haven't seen this before I actually thought he was going to come out and actually break dance rather than attempt to break dance. He's bleeding like mad! Is he Ok? Talent points go for how he's managed to stay in shape even though he's 73 (not his break dancing!)

2 Grand - It's very cute and endearing but it's just very difficult to judge these type of acts as you want to give them high scores but technically they weren't fantastic, they were good but not dazzling. This episode is more about the likeability factor rather than the amazing talent.

Julian Smith - It was a nice rendition and very touching but I'm not sure one man and his sax is going to cut it, there's not enough to look at. It was a good performance but sadly I don't love it as much as some do.

Brit Chix - It was very karaoke sadly. There's a lot of better acts in the UK (in my school even), it's not awful but it's just amateurish and needs a lot more work.

Fabia Cerra - hmmm....

Jackie prescott and Tippy Toes (7.5/8/9) = 24.5
Sugar Free (8/9/8.5) = 25.5
Callum Francis (8/8/8.5) = 24.5
Fred Bowers (7.5/8.5/9) = 25
2 Grand (8/8.5/9) = 25.5
Julian Smith (8.5/8.5/9) = 26
Brit Chix (7/8/8.5) = 23.5
Fabia Cerra (7.5/8/9) = 24.5

Best Performances - Julian Smith. Most Talent - Sugar Free (maybe Julian should be in here too).

1st - Julian Smith
2nd - Sugar Free
3rd - 2 Grand
4th - Fred Bowers
5th - Fabia Cerra
6th - Callum Francis
7th - Jackie Prescott and Tippy Toes
8th - Brit Chix

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