Friday, 15 May 2009

The Apprentice Uk Season 5 Episode 8

Sorry about mucking up the episode numbers don't know how I did it.

My duvet and pillowcases are exactly the same as the guys' room! I notice things as stupid as that :)
I was quite shocked that Howard wasn't the one to bring up the gay market. I'm a bit worried that the gay thtme isn't going to work well in Margate.

Quote Mona: I don't think the gay market is so suitable for Kent... for Kent people I don't think it is a big thing in Kent. erm WHAT!

Howard in the interviews was just embarrasing! Does he have to be so assertive, can't he just say be intimate but not rude? For Yasmina the families idea leaves me split. Yes familes are definitely going to think about holidays in England now rather than abroad but is that re-branding Margate? I'm sure Margate was a place for families before anyway.

Mona puts herself into too many sticky situations. Oh I wouldn't have known that you were a ... (transexual)! lol. The gay theme may be too specific but as long as they develop it well then it doesn't matter as Margate Council are unlikely going to use their ideas anyway!

For the first time I actually see why Lorraine is annoying, she talks down to people and thinks she knows it all. But in all honesty normally she's right (Lucinda anyone!) she just needs to work as a team and speak to her team in the right way.

Why do they always have time limits! Work OT!!!! If the professionals won't do it then tell them to send it to you so you can do it overnight and then print it out at home.

Yasmina's posters were good but I still feel that there were a bit too much text below the titles. Overall it was an average idea back up by good ground work. Debra's team had a better idea but awful ground work.The posters looked like noticeboards! The majority of the information should be in the leaflet; the poster should be eye catching and then attract the viewer to research on it, that's when the leaflets come into play. I'm still quite amazed why nobody researched on Margate's vision for the future.

Basically when James held the posters up I was like "erm... I think you're holding up your leaflet" it was just a disaster. Tha main contrbutor to the failure of this task was Debra because she's such a control freak and she doesn't listen but I think she's better than this performance so she doesn't deserve to go home just yet. Debra and Howard shouldn't have lied to the branding experts about purposely leaving their leaflets half blank, honestly own up and then offer your idea as an alternative. I'm sure they would have understood as the team only had two days to come up with everything. The show honestly needs some longer challenges even if it was just for one week.

It's amazing how Mona, being the hero of last week, got shot down this week. I still think her amazing sales should have saved her for at least another week. I probably would have fired James because, even though he's a nice guy, he doesn't do anything substantial. He speaks a lot of sense (and a lot of nonsense!)
But if it weren't for last weeks £2400 worth of sales I think I wouldn't have placed Mona in the final 5 as without the mention of her sales I'd know she'd be on the chopping block. But I forgot that it was You're Fired which told me about Mona's sales, not the actual show, which meant that the producers wanted to maker her cut predictable.

I don't understand why Debra and Howard didn't blow up the hand in hand poster because that would have been such a great poster. I also didn't understand why they kept on yabbering about Mona living in Kent so she should understand Margate. I live in Kent but I barely know Margate, quoting from Googlemaps Sittingbourne (where Mona lives) is 39 miles to Margate. Do you honestly expect Mona, who has lived in Kent for 4 years, to know the tastes of every single community within a 50 mile radius!

I was amazed that Mona spoke 6 languages, I wonder which. If I could speak 6 languages I'd chose English, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin - cheating, but there you go!), Korean, Japanese, Italian and Spanish. It actually prompted me to count how many I knew or learnt, here goes...

I'm fluent in English and Cantonese. I can speak Mandarin to an extent. I think I could speak conversational German (as I took it for my GCSE's but never put it into practice). I've had about 9 years worth of study on French! (Though I'm awful at it!). I've had about 2 years worth of Latin lessons (it may be a dead language but it's still a language!) and I've been trying to study Japanese recently. So if I was fluent in all of them I would speak 7 languages! I wish!

Quote Mona (not exact quote but it was something alone these lines):
Nick: "So what sexuality was that (transexual) man?"
Mona: "Well, I'd consider him in transit!"

That has to be the quote of the series even if it was on You're Fired. Mona really has given us a lot of laughs! Remember the first task...

Mona: "What's this?"
Yasmina: "It's a feather duster!"

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